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Trainer Biographies

Susan Anderson
"I'd be delighted to help you achieve your health & fitness goals."
Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson - Wembley

Susan was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and moved to Perth in 1989.

Susan Anderson: "I have always been passionate about exercise and sport and played a variety of sports at school and then continued to play competitive squash. I have always enjoyed working out and have done more than my fair share of aerobics/circuit classes over the years.".

Over the last 10 years Susan has become passionate about the benefits of training out doors in the fresh air, whether that is your own back yard or the local park.

Whatever your goals maybe Susan can help you achieve them in a safe, friendly, motivating and FUN environment. She will design a program to suit your individual needs, and work with you to achieve your goals.

Her Group & Circuit Training sessions cater for all fitness levels and you will leave feeling satisfied and invigorated having had a fun but challenging, cardio and strength training session!

Susan has always been driven and determined in regards to health and fitness and has excellent coaching skills which focus on technique and help motivate you to get the most from your sessions.

The Fitness Factor is looking forward to hearing from your about your goals and dreams and working with you to achieve them.