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Why use The Fitness Factor

Tracy Cull, 47 years old, Wembley:

If you want to get motivated and get fit then Susan Anderson is the perfect trainer for you. She has been my personal trainer for over two years – in that time my running speed and fitness level has increased significantly as has my upper body strength.

When I say "I can't", Susan says "you can".

She tailors her programme on what you want to achieve and your fitness level- she makes you believe that you can achieve your goals, and then helps you get there.

Anthea Thomson, 31 years old, Wembley:

Susan has been training me for 6 weeks and I'm really happy with how quickly I am getting results. My fitness and strength have really improved, my clothes fit better, I'm more toned and I have so much more energy, not to mention just an overall feeling of being healthier.

I can highly recommend Susan as a Personal Trainer to help you achieve your goals no matter what your fitness level.

Michelle from Wembley:

Whatever your personal fitness goal, Susan will help you make it happen. It will be fun, it won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is! I have loved that Susan pushes me to achieve that little bit extra.